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What is Digital Games Conference?

DGC games is an Innovative Initiative by AppBloom, organized for the first time in Dubai.
Publish your game in the MENA region.
Find your target audiences in the MENA region by partnering with the best regional games platforms, media, social media agencies and popular website owners.
Acquire more access and traffic to the MENA region gamers/users.
Become closer to the users and offering a better gaming experience. Take advantage of the better infrastructure, servers and cloud services established in Dubai and the region
Bring your cloud gaming solutions to Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the MENA region
Meet with the developers and publishers that are leading the charts in the MENA region.
Meet the key games influencers/youtubers from Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the Region.
Meet the esport teams from the MENA region: The next big thing!
Meet with the decision makers of the 7 themes parks and other projects involving gaming that are being established in Dubai.
Explore the opportunities of setting up your office in Dubai
Present yours skills, content and solutions in VR, AR and other new technologies to the companies behind theme parks and gaming arenas in the region.
Provide gaming content to buyers from the region
Provide Games development services to buyers in Dubai and Saudi Arabia
Find your best payment provider in the region
Find your best localization expert to publish your game in the Region

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