Watch the video below to see how the meeting platform works Watch video - How the meeting platform works

Join the World at the DGC Blockchain & Games Summit

As part of the DGC Games experience you will have access to the free meeting service that has been made available for all registered attendees.

The email address you used to purchase your ticket is your user ID in the platform.

When you purchase your ticket to DGC Dubai, you should be sent an email with the login details.

Occasionally, spam filters can sideline genuine emails but to help get our important emails through we suggest you white list emails from

The first time you login you need to complete your profile. Fill in all the fields and select the right tags. This to ensure you become visible to other attendees and they can match with you on:

  1. Who you are
  2. Platforms you focus on
  3. What you offer
  4. What you are looking for.

In My Availability ́ you can limit your availability. You can easily block the parts of the days you do not want to be available for meetings.

In the meeting platform you can:

  1. showcase your company in ‘Members’ and publish your opportunities in the ‘Marketplace’
  2. send and accept meeting requests
  3. start up conversations with people you meet in the message board before and after the event
  4. manage your meetings in ‘My Agenda’

When you meet another delegate, your meeting takes place at one of the tables in the B2B meeting area.

When you meet an exhibitor, your meeting takes place at the stand of the exhibitor.

Send your list of stand personnel members as soon as possible to Included in this list their first name, last name, email address and your company name.

We will sign up your stand personnel members and they will receive a mail with the login details.

We will link your stand personnel members to your stand. This to ensure that all their meetings take place at your stand.