Taiyo Tanabe

Taiyo Tanabe - Tokiyo Games Show

Taiyo Tanabe

Deputy Manager, Tokiyo Games Show

Taiyo Tanabe
Deputy Manager
Head of Management Office
Tokyo Game Show (TGS) Management Office
Nikkei Bussiness Publications, Inc.

TANABE is a versatile business producer with comprehensive event developments and B2B experience. He also expertises in IT and video gaming and entertainment industries through event marketing. TANABE has his remakable jobs for strengthened relationships with key contacts at Asian especially in Japan and Taiwan gaming companies with record of success.

Carrier History:
2007, join at Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
2007-2009: As his expertise on IT and PC media marketing and promotion, TANABE has involved as advertising management in the field. He was belonging with several special task force in crucial marketing with his clients of key global IT companies.
2009-2017: TANABE has joined Event Management Bureau at Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
TANABE has been developed and launched several key significant BtoB exhibitions related to IT and sorrounded industries in Japan as a head of show management.
2017-2019: Event Management Expert at TOKYO GAME SHOW (TGS). At the same time, TANABE also has directed to launch private exhibition of one of Japanese top IT company, Cybozu.
2019-Present: Head of TGS Management Office